Entry #1

Hey NG!

2015-11-11 09:28:11 by TheCrowsnest

Hey guys! What's up? I'm TheCrowsnest, a newcomer to this site! I make accurated arts, expecially Illustrations, Fine art and sometimes Pixel Art. I am starting to submit stuff on NG because...no reason, just because! Also, sometimes I upload some musical stuff, when I'm bored, expecially classical and Solo Instrument stuff. Don't consider the happy face that I put on this News Post, because I'm almost the exact opposite of an happy person, usually my face is sad as fuck, don't worry, it's my usual mood.

Well, considering the fact that I have nothing more to say to introduce myself I leave here my newest art thing, it is called 'A NEW WORLD', basically it's my utopia of a future world; we will all live in some sorts of wood house/baracks that won't get destroyed by the water's pressure. We'll go to the surface/grass just to have fun and chill out, and the world will slowly get out of the shitty conditions that there are now! Hope you'll like it:


See ya soon guys!



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2015-11-11 10:27:00


TheCrowsnest responds:

Thanks bruh! ! ! =)