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2015-11-14 15:18:34 by TheCrowsnest

About future projects

I plan on uploading a new art I'm finishing, but after that I'll be focusing into a musical project that I want to start as soon as possible. Basically, I will be mixing Orchestral stuff with some deep, dark EDM, all covered by a dark, ghostly feeling. I hope to make an Album soon.

New Releases

If you've checked out my account today (which I hope you do, so click on the "FOLLOW" button to know all about my posts), I published my first miscellaneous track called "FUTURE DEATH". Well, I wanted to tell a piece of history with this song, the Battle of Stalingrad; personally, I love history, expecially the 2 big World Wars, knowing where humans were wrong, and what to do the improve ourselves and our toughts, it's at the very base of the world's civilization!

That's all for Now Folks! Go check out "FUTURE DEATH" if you want!

Future Death (Miscellaneous) :


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