Entry #4

Small Update Post - 2016

2016-01-01 16:18:26 by TheCrowsnest

I've been silent for a bunch of time, but I never stopped checking music & expecially movies here on Newgrounds.
I take the opportunity to wish you a happy new year, to every NG user. Now, let's start with the update:

  1. I've started to get more into chill & orchestral music than artworks, and I think that this is a...pretty good thing? I guess? Let me know what do you think about this, if it's better for me to continue with music composition and taking a break from art working. I've already posted some tracks on my account, if you want to chek them out, check out my audio section on my account!
  2. I definitely would like to start making serious stuff, but I need some good plugins & VSTs for FL Studio, because the sounds in my current submissions are just samples, and they don't sound that great! If you have or know any good plugin or VST for orchestral music, let me know about it/them, post a link to the site you've found it and I'll see if it worths to be bought.


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