Small Update Post - 2016

2016-01-01 16:18:26 by TheCrowsnest

I've been silent for a bunch of time, but I never stopped checking music & expecially movies here on Newgrounds.
I take the opportunity to wish you a happy new year, to every NG user. Now, let's start with the update:

  1. I've started to get more into chill & orchestral music than artworks, and I think that this is a...pretty good thing? I guess? Let me know what do you think about this, if it's better for me to continue with music composition and taking a break from art working. I've already posted some tracks on my account, if you want to chek them out, check out my audio section on my account!
  2. I definitely would like to start making serious stuff, but I need some good plugins & VSTs for FL Studio, because the sounds in my current submissions are just samples, and they don't sound that great! If you have or know any good plugin or VST for orchestral music, let me know about it/them, post a link to the site you've found it and I'll see if it worths to be bought.


2015-11-15 10:23:34 by TheCrowsnest

I want to inform all you people that I officially opened a side account ( Today I published the 1st News Post, so go check it out!


Latest News Post

2015-11-14 15:18:34 by TheCrowsnest

About future projects

I plan on uploading a new art I'm finishing, but after that I'll be focusing into a musical project that I want to start as soon as possible. Basically, I will be mixing Orchestral stuff with some deep, dark EDM, all covered by a dark, ghostly feeling. I hope to make an Album soon.

New Releases

If you've checked out my account today (which I hope you do, so click on the "FOLLOW" button to know all about my posts), I published my first miscellaneous track called "FUTURE DEATH". Well, I wanted to tell a piece of history with this song, the Battle of Stalingrad; personally, I love history, expecially the 2 big World Wars, knowing where humans were wrong, and what to do the improve ourselves and our toughts, it's at the very base of the world's civilization!

That's all for Now Folks! Go check out "FUTURE DEATH" if you want!

Future Death (Miscellaneous) :

Hey NG!

2015-11-11 09:28:11 by TheCrowsnest

Hey guys! What's up? I'm TheCrowsnest, a newcomer to this site! I make accurated arts, expecially Illustrations, Fine art and sometimes Pixel Art. I am starting to submit stuff on NG reason, just because! Also, sometimes I upload some musical stuff, when I'm bored, expecially classical and Solo Instrument stuff. Don't consider the happy face that I put on this News Post, because I'm almost the exact opposite of an happy person, usually my face is sad as fuck, don't worry, it's my usual mood.

Well, considering the fact that I have nothing more to say to introduce myself I leave here my newest art thing, it is called 'A NEW WORLD', basically it's my utopia of a future world; we will all live in some sorts of wood house/baracks that won't get destroyed by the water's pressure. We'll go to the surface/grass just to have fun and chill out, and the world will slowly get out of the shitty conditions that there are now! Hope you'll like it:

See ya soon guys!